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Meet Rena Roots Founders: Two Friends, Two Worlds, One Mission!

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Meet Rena Roots Founders: Two Friends, Two Worlds, One Mission!

Behind Rena Roots there are two strong women founders, Irena and Celia. They have joined forces in order to propel Rena Roots' mission forward: crafting science-backed serums with a strong social impact, supporting jobs and sustainable agriculture practices. This way, customers won't have to compromise between effective, high-performing skincare and doing good in the world. Celia and Irena met in 2007 in Rome, Italy as students finishing their master’s degrees. They went their separate ways but little did they know that Rena Roots™ would bring them together 14 years later! Their two worlds, “beauty” and “humanitarian aid” would merge to offer effective skincare for optimum skin nutrition.

Here is a bit about Rena Roots Founders:

From New York to Barcelona, Celia has been working in the cosmetics industry for more than 13 years. Having worked with some of the most prestigious skincare brands, she knows the ins and outs of the beauty business. Irena, on the other hand, had gone on to work with the United Nations as a humanitarian aid worker and while in Afghanistan she had discovered the rare Afghan Rose. She launched Rena Roots out of a strong conviction that consumers shouldn’t have to choose between effective, science-backed skincare and doing good in the world. She saw Celia’s name on an alumni newsletter and without hesitation reached out to her. Before long, the two of them became partners and joined forces to take Rena Roots further. 

With their forces united this duo wants to prove that doing good for your skin and for the world is possible!

The Albanian Immortelle Serum supports jobs in northern Albania through the sourcing of our hero ingredient: the immortelle oil while the Afghan Rose Serum supports jobs in Afghanistan through the sourcing of our other hero ingredient: the rare rose oil. Both serums are formulated with the Right Ingredients at the Right Concentration in order to offer optimum skin nutrition.

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