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Changing the world, one drop at a time

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Pure, Potent, Purpose-driven Botanicals

Brimming with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, our ingredients are impact-sourced from the botanically rich yet poverty-stricken regions around the world. They work wonders for your skin while infusing economic life into the communities we source from. Discover our geo-sourced, indigenous botanicals.


Lightweight texture with an amazing formula that will leave your skin nourished, healthy and without a doubt glowing.

Finally, a product that works for my skin and with a social impact that is easy to understand.

Sustainability should not be compromised for the future of our planet. Rena Roots meets your skincare needs while being a call for action.

Jobs. Its one of the best ways to contribute to UN SDGs. Livelihood support is key to achieve zero hunger

Beauty on Mission

We are on mission to feed your skin and the world. Powered by indigenous botanicals from farms in conflict-affected and developing countries we go beyond charity to fight hunger and support jobs while offering Optimum Skin Nutrition through our Drop-by-Drop™ serum collection.

Jobs. Beyond Charity

At Rena Roots we don’t believe in just giving back. We believe in giving first. By making this purchase you are contributing to job creation and sustainable agricultural practices in countries most afflicted by hunger and poverty.