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On Mission to Feed your Skin and the World!

Our Drop-By-Drop™ serums nourish skin while celebrating the indigenous lands and people that cultivate these potent botanicals. Rena Roots™ is dedicated to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition (SDG #2) and strengthen global partnerships for sustainable development (SDG #17). Read more here

Our team of biochemists have meticulously formulated each of our serums to provide you with the right ingredients at the right concentrations for optimal skin nutrition. No fillers, no harmful ingredients, just clean, potent and effective actives. Every single ingredient is carefully researched and backed by science to offer optimum skin nutrition. Learn more

Our sourcing model means we work directly with farms in conflict-affected and developing countries, employing their skills to create some of the purest and most potent natural oils while simultaneously creating jobs and supporting sustainable agriculture practices.

Over 65% of the hungry on this planet come from just 10 nations. We are committed to working with the rich biodiversity in these areas, providing economic opportunities to help end the hunger crisis and contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal to ZERO HUNGER

If there’s anything we’ve learned through our deep roots working with the United Nations over the past decade, it’s that people want jobs, not charity. They want the opportunity to provide for themselves. With economic access, our global neighbors regain their sense of agency and independence and are empowered to participate in and positively shape their communities.

Proven Results

Good for you, good for the world!

Potent geo-targeted botanicals to provide the ultimate in skin nutrition, allowing you to look good, do good and feel good.