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Note From the Founder,
Irena Loloci

As an Emergency Officer with the United Nations World Food Programme I have spent over a decade in some of the most nutrient-dense, yet conflict-affected regions across this planet. I have seen first-hand the surreal contrast of immense beauty amidst the harsh backdrop of tragedy. I marveled at how so many of these war-torn places were also teaming with rich botanicals. I became haunted by the questions I heard over and over again from the beautiful, hardworking people of these lands. “How long will the aid last?”; “How can I get a job when this assistance ends?” While the people of these nations struggled to set up stable economies, I saw the answers growing all around them.

My “AHA” Moment in Afghanistan

While working in Afghanistan in 2017, I unexpectedly visited a rose oil distillery during one of the field missions. To my amazement, planting roses had become a viable income for many farmers in the area and an alternative to opium-driven livelihoods. I tried some of the rose oil and fell in love with its invigorating smell and potent properties. I was inspired by this discovery and realized there is so much beauty and opportunities in countries I have worked in, including in Albania where I was born. I decided to start RENA ROOTS™ as a place to celebrate beauty from unexpected places.

The Inspiration Behind
Rena Roots™

During my time as a humanitarian worker, specializing in food and nutrition, I realized that the same elements essential to nourishing our bodies were the same as those needed to nourish our skin. Why not make effective skincare while at the same time contribute to ending the hunger crisis through jobs and not handouts? Drop-By-Drop™, we are on mission to make skincare that is good for you and good for the world!

Meet Our Co-Founder,
Celia Perdios

From New York to Barcelona, Celia has been working in the cosmetics industry for more than 13 years. Having worked with some of the most prestigious skincare brands, she knows the ins and outs of this business. Unsatisfied with seeing the same products over and over, her jaw dropped when Irena introduced her to the rose oil she had sourced from Afghanistan. She still remembers the first time she smelled and tried the Afghan Rose Serum – it was nothing like she had tried before! The Rose had captivated her – not only a potent oil, rich in minerals and antioxidants, but also one carrying a beautiful mission!

Celia and Irena met in 2007 in Rome as students finishing their master’s degrees. They went their separate ways but little did they know that Rena Roots™ would bring them together 14 years later! Their two worlds, “beauty” and “humanitarian aid” would merge to offer effective skincare for optimum skin nutrition. With their forces united this duo, and their rock star team, want to prove that doing good for your skin and for the world is possible!