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Do you want to fight world hunger? Invest in women

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Do you want to fight world hunger? Invest in women

Did you know that investing in women can play a significant role in fighting world hunger? We asked Irena Loloci, Rena Roots founder for her opinion and this is what she said: “In my work as a UN humanitarian aid worker, I saw in many countries and emergencies around the world that investing in women is not just an effective way to fight world hunger but it is the only way. Women are disproportionately affected by hunger and malnutrition, and empowering women can address the root causes of food insecurity and poverty. In most countries I worked in, I saw over and over again how women often ate the least or last or did not eat at all if they had to. Their families always came first. I also saw how women are great custodians of resources and became exceptionally resourceful and empowered when given more access and opportunities.”

Research has shown that when women have greater control over resources, they are more likely to invest it in food, education, health and nutrition of their families. This can help to reduce food insecurity and malnutrition, and ultimately contribute to a more sustainable and equitable food system from the ground-up with rippling effects on their communities. However, women in many parts of the world face significant barriers to accessing education, resources, and opportunities that would enable them to thrive. Some of these barriers can include cultural norms, discrimination, limited access to credit and land, and lack of political representation.

At Rena Roots, we are proud to contribute our own “drop” toward breaking these barriers. As an example, most of the harvesters in the Albanian farm where we source our organic immortelle oil are women. We are exceptionally proud to support jobs and economic access for these women and their families, especially in northern Albania where access to opportunities are even scarcer.

When you purchase our medicinal Albanian Immortelle Serum, you are not only feeding your skin with optimum skin nutrition, but you are also contributing your own drop towards fighting world hunger, supporting jobs and opportunities for women to thrive.

Here is a video link to our Immortelle Harvest in Albania.





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